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Why LedMed

With solid roots in Nordic culture and leading research in the field, LedMed surveys leadership, employeeship and the requisite interaction. A situation is simply and clearly illuminated using 35 statements. Reports show the results for the individual unit compared to the rest of the organisation, what is good practice and how things were at the previous survey.

The tool
LedMed is provided both as an online tool and as paper questionnaires with response envelopes. Those who don't have a desk at their workplaces usually prefer the paper alternative over the online questionnaires. At most organisations, the paper questionnaire can still be the most practical solution. The online version enables the opportunity for free text comments, so that more in-depth information can be obtained regarding personal opinions. This provides a valuable complement to the overall picture.

The process
It only takes a few days from the responses being sent in until the reports are completed and development work can begin. The reports are configured as working material, with management staff and employees jointly interpreting the results and sharing responsibility for development.

The process extends over 10 weeks. The results are then evaluated and reported. The report is self-explanatory, and with a little help in getting started, most manage the development process themselves without outside help.