Why AnSvar

Everyone needs feedback to be able to know what is good about their employeeship and what can be improved. This requires the willingness for continued development. Besides individual feedback, an overview is also provided of your team on the whole. This opens the way for taking joint responsibility for the further development of both the team and its individual members. 

The tool
AnSvar is an online tool for 360-degree feedback between colleagues. It illuminates how the individual relates to his or her work, to colleagues and to the employer. Feedback can be given in the form of free text. It takes about 5 minutes for each person to provide this feedback. Who will provide feedback to who is determined by the person administering the tool.

The process
The work material in AnSvar is based on positive psychology. The feedback received is perceived as constructive and is easy to handle, and is based on the concept of employeeship according to related research in the field.

The process is initiated with the individual first reflecting alone about himself/herself and the received feedback. We then talk informally about strengths and opportunities for development. Lastly, we discuss what can and should be developed in the team on the whole.