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Why 4Temperamenten

The tool is based on positive psychology and contributes to good discussions about similarities and differences in the work group and how the traits of the individual can best be put to use in everyday operations. 4Temperamenten emphasises the unique traits of the individual in a way that creates a sense of security and good self-esteem.

The tool
4Temperamenten is actually a series of tools divided into four parts:

  • 4T-Basis shows how you see yourself.
  • The team profile is created using 4T-Basis and the profile shows the team's collective characteristics based on the profiles of the individual team members.
  • 4T-Feedback shows how others see you.
  • 4T-Communication is a tool that helps you to smoothly communicate with people who have communicative styles that differ from your own.

4Temperamenten's application areas:

  • Personal development – How to always bring out the best sides of your personality.
  • Team development – Better interaction and communication in the group.
  • Selection – Positive description of personal traits.
  • Communication – Understanding one another and adopting a style that produces results.