Deploy utilises innovative but well-proven online tools from Norwegian TeamWork.

For our clients, the tools entail smooth workflows and quick access to detailed decision-making materials.

Employeeship is about engagement and responsibility. This is also the basis for professional pride and job satisfaction. Everyone wants to be a good employee, and a requirement for further development is that we know and understand how others see us in everyday situations. AnSvar is a 360-degree feedback tool for providing feedback related to good employeeship. Read more »

LedMed represents a new generation of employee survey. It’s based on equality, with the equal value of all being a natural element both in society and within businesses and other organisations. Placing specific demands on management employees without corresponding demands being placed on other employees is no longer self-evident. To develop a good and effective workplace, everyone must take responsibility because together, we all make up our shared working environment. Read more »

4Temperamenten is a personality and discussion tool for gaining increased insight into one's own and others' personal styles and ways of being, based on concepts that everyone intuitively understands and recognises, both in oneself and in others. It’s a good basis for discussing important topics at the workplace and even for one's own personal development. Read more »