Jacques Crevoisier has guided several talents to the top. His methods and tools are now available in Sweden.

That success on the playing field requires a certain mental disposition is not news. But did you know that you can now measure the inner potential of each individual player with a unique tool from Jacques Crevoisier and Edgar Thill? 

The tool is a personality questionnaire that surveys athletes' personal behaviour and motivation with high precision. The parameters measured are directly related to psychological success factors in football and other team sports (read more about the tool here).

Developed by Jacques Crevoisier and Edgar Thill
What comes to mind when you hear the name Jacques Crevoisier? Probably all the elite players he's worked with over the years: Steven Gerard, Thierry Henry, Theo Walcott, Samir Nasri, Niklas Bendtner and Robin van Persie, just to mention a few. Jacques Crevoisier has coached for such successful clubs as Liverpool and Arsenal, as well as several teams in the French Ligue 1.

Jacque was the mental trainer for France's national soccer team in 1998, when France won on its home grounds, and he was subsequently raised to the nobility by the French government for his efforts.

To put it simply, he knows what he's doing. You can read Jacques Crevoisier's CV to see the full list of his qualifications, and this Daily Mail article for reference:  ”Meet Jacques Crevoisier... the brains behind Arsene Wenger’s youth revolution”.

Edgar Thill is known by many as an authority in psychology, specialising in motivational and performance psychology. 

Compare your players with thousands of top-level athletes
For the past 15 years, Jacques Crevoisier – in collaboration with a number of French national team coaches as well as Arsene Wenger – has used the tool that Deploy is now offering to Swedish elite clubs.

With this tool, your club gains access to unique reference material – comparative data from more than 4,500 players.

Does it work? Absolutely. Follow-ups have shown that the players who have succeeded in reaching the absolute top level of their chosen sports were also those that the tool assessed as having the right psychological make-up for doing so. 

Valuable for player recruiting, development and sales
The tool provides valuable guidance in for example:

  • Talent development: Follow the development of individual players in a structured manner.
  • Individual drills: With in-depth knowledge of the individual, individual drills can be optimised to the player's needs.
  • The coaching role: Input for dialogue in the player's personal development plan.
  • Player recruiting and sales: Ensure that the club bases its investment decisions on first-hand information and facts that you own and control. Not the agent.  

Used by top clubs
Arsenal, Liverpool, Bayern München, Tottenham, Bordeaux, Monaco, Steaua Bucharest and several other renowned European clubs use Jacques Crevoisier's tool. 

Will your club be one of the Scandinavian clubs to do the same?