We're born unique and don’t live our lives as copies of one another.

Businesses and other organisations are made up of people, and develop only when the people develop. In a time when many advocate uniformity as a means of increasing productivity, Deploy stands for the opposite – concentrating instead on the dissimilarities between individuals in a group, and utilising the full potential of each employee to raise the group's overall performance.

Responsibility and engagement are the key factors for better results.
Deploy's clients can confirm that this philosophy creates new opportunities for effective leadership at the same time as employeeship is strengthened. This lays the foundation for teamwork and enables the team to move closer to an optimal way of working.

More is needed than "aha" experiences to strengthen the team.
Feel-good exercises and chocolates with coffee aren't enough for people to develop. What is needed is a skilled and experienced partner that creates structures, sets goals and gets to the heart of things to improve the team's performance in everyday work. A partner that is accepted as one of the gang. A partner like Deploy.  

A successful, positive perspective.
Deploy doesn’t play the part of the therapist who explains what’s wrong with the group. We instead establish a fruitful dialogue on what can be done better.

For Deploy, employeeship is not just a buzz word. It's a science.
Deploy's services are benefit-driven and are based on current research findings. This entails that our clients can expect tangible, sustainable and measurable benefits on both the individual and group levels.

To keep methodology and core expertise up to date, Deploy and other authorities in employeeship collaborate with among others, Professor Stefan Tengblad, who runs Sweden's only employeeship research program, and Norwegian TeamWork.

Proven methodology. Tailored application.
Deploy is leading in employeeship development with tools such as AnSvar and LedMed in Sweden. For Deploy, each assignment is unique. In close dialogue with you, we define activity goals and ensure that they support your operational goals. Team development should provide business benefits, not just make people feel good.