TeamWork No/Sve
Norwegian-Swedish company with 30 years of experience in group development. Has approximately 10 consultants in Sweden and 15 in Norway. Is a leader in the employeeship concept with coupling to research at for example, the School of Business, Economics and Law at the University of Gothenburg. Deploy Group AB is a part of TeamWork: » or »

Stefan Tengblad
Professor at the University of Skövde (and previously at the University of Gothenburg). Conducts research in organisations, management work, leadership and employeeship: »

Jacques Crevoisier
Football coach at the absolute elite level of European football and trained psychologist. Has coached several French football clubs in Ligue 1, as well as Liverpool in England, and has been the national youth team coach in France. Presently develops players for among others, Arsenal and Bayern München, and is a consultant for UEFA. Read Jacques Crevoisier's CV here »

Per Herngren
Author and business owner specialising in collaborative techniques and proactive resistance. Also conducts courses in holding effective meetings.
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