“What I liked working with Andreas Herngren was the flexibility in the set up where Andreas also during our activity easily adapt the agenda towards our need and also out of how the discussion went during our teambuilding activity.”
Peter X Ostlund, Project Manager, ABB AB

"It feels really good to work together with Andreas in that he takes a lot of time to engage himself in the problem. Andreas is very good with different people and it's easy for him to get them to feel at ease. I think it's great that Andreas constantly reminds us that 'this is something you can do on your own, without me being here all the time.' This has given me a very good impression of Deploy's professionalism." 

"In short – speaking for the maintenance department at Volvo Trucks AB – I can warmly recommend Deploy as a conscientious and stable company to work with, but one that also puts demands on an organisation to take responsibility in creating sustainable change. This can feel uncomfortable at the beginning, but it also means that you have to think things over yourself. And this means that the method works even after Deploy has completed its assignment."
Patrik Henningsson, manager, Volvo Trucks' plant in Tuve

"My trust in Andreas makes it easy to be open and lay the entire question at issue on the table, and consequently, achieve better results from the activities."
Rune Karlsson, manager, Volvo IT

"The meetings with Andreas give me a new perspective on the situation. He gets me to reflect on past phenomena and incidents, and challenges me to set reasonable goals for the future."
Eva Eklund, manager, Akademiska Hus

"All of us in our group felt that Andreas, in a simple and concrete manner, contributed to our development both as individuals and as a team during our team development days."
Tina Hultkvist, manager, Volvo Group

Selected clients

- Akademiska Hus
- Captech Distribution
- Cochlear BAS
- EA Sport
- Euromaster
- FlexLink
- Flügger Färg
- Göteborgs Motorgrupp
- Högskolan Väst
- IAC Group
- Jernhusen AB
- Jönköping Stad
- Key Relocation
- Klubbar Allsvenskan
- Klubbar Elitserien
- Nettbuss
- Skåne Regionsjukhus
- Sollentuna Kommun
- Stockholms läns landsting
- Volvo Group